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Gnome Extensions advisory!


Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:45:08 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am posting this global announcement as Gnome Extensions can be finnicky, and could be the one item that has the potential to break your system so be careful what you install. If something catches your eye, before installing search for "problems with 'xyz' gnome shell extension on Ubuntu 16.04.x' to avoid heartbreak. The only things I have installed gnome extension wise apart from the default Zorin ones, are 'Text Scaler, OpenWeather, Gnome Desktop recorder, Key Indicator (Caps Lock/Shift/Num Lock indicator for the panel), random wallpaper, User themes, word clock. Currently I have been receiving notifications on updates to 'Applications', 'Places', and 'Media Player Control' - if you attempt to update these it asks to install new versions and comes up with an error message after installation and Applications appears to the right of the 'Z' of Zorin Menu. For the time being, please ignore messages to update 'Applications', 'Places', and 'Media Player Control'.

Best regards,