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Suggestionn - Widget like Plasma


Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:48:02 am

Hi Zorin team,

It must be the 1st Linux distro I have used the longest without really any big issues considering I am a newbie to Linux. I truly believe the developers have worked hard to include most reliable and workable libraries / repositories. I must really appraise you on this.

I just have one quick request or suggestion (I believe it was in Zorin 9?) like widgets for the desktop. Unfortunately screenlet is outdated and you can also play around with Conky (I have managed to set a basic one up) but it would really be nice if we can have more options so the desktop can really become informative screen. I used to love them on Windows 7 but Windows 10 doesnt really do it anymore.

So consider it or not... its up to you guys .. Zorin 12 Ultimate is still a great Distro to work with! :P :!: :geek: