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Stucked at installation (BIOS mode + Windows)


Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:30:50 pm


I tried to install Zorin OS(fresh and last version) on my laptop(BIOS mode) to test it, but stucked at installation... You can see that "continue" button is disabled
Check the screenshot/attached file please

Fujitsu Intel x64 with Windows 7 64bit(BIOS mode)


Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:43:00 pm

Hi, Which version of Zorin are you trying to Install? I should like to point out that if you are dual-booting you should:

1. Backup any critical data from your Windows (just in case anything should go wrong)
2. Boot into live mode first before attempting to install to see everything works as you want it to.
3. If you are happy with how the Live Environment performs, boot into Windows, run chkdsk to commence at next boot, then undergo Defrag analysis.
4. In Windows, use Disk Management to automatically resize C:/ drive to it's smallest workable size - it will do this for you.
5. Reboot Windows to ensure everything is as it should be after shrinking C:/ drive.
6. Reboot with Zorin media into live mode and run the installer from the Live Desktop, not from the installer at boot time of Zorin media.
7. Choose 'something else' rather than 'Install alongside':