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Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:31:30 am

About a week ago (A little over...) my hard drive died. No warning, just woke up dead. Lost some stuff... Between holiday expenses, landlord had a stroke, and life, money being tight... I opted to buy a used Hard Drive and start over.
I have been using that big companies O.S. all my life. Never liked it. If I had my way, would still be using NT2000 and grinding my teeth, tolerate XP Pro. I always wondered about Linux. Someone even gave me a linux disc months ago to try out. I put it down somewhere and forgot where. But from memory, I was pretty sure it was Mint. So, I ordered a hard drive and when it arrived, downloaded Mint to a Bootable USB. It wouldn't boot. Struggled with it until a day later, I began trying to find that disc some jerk gave me. Finally found it: Zorin 12. Not what I wanted... I wanted Mint. Oh well, beggers can't be choosers... Put the disc in, booted up, some pretty, pretty pictures and tutorials later, I had it running. Missing all of my Other OS Compatible stuff, needless to say.
Hated it. H.A.T.E.D. it within five minutes. It crashed repeatedly and just seemed unstable. Couldn't get much of anything to work right. Downloading and installing with Terminal is a P.I.T.A and uninstalling from Terminal even more mystifying. Looked kinda familiar on the surface but underneath would have made Sherlock himself tremble. Transferred my lost files over, got things set up to how I like things arranged (Or near to it as I could get) and then started looking at tweaking the system. Did I mention 'new to Linux?' An online tutorial suggested a terminal tweak that affects grub. I thought a grub is something you dig out of the ground and eat but ok... Grub was affected all right. Lost everything, wipe and reload and start over again on day three. Got it set up, transferred files...
And resumed my activities of hating Zorin. For about thirty minutes.
Thirty one minutes later, little hearts were floating over my head.
Finished setting up my desktop with a bunch of Conky's. Learning that was trying... Desktop looks awesome.
Terminal is an excellent replacement for a mouse. I think I might feed it to the cat and plug in another keyboard.
Sold on Zorin. Sleek, looks great and runs smoothly. It's like finding a rusted old clunker and smoothing her out, putting a shine to and fine tuning all mechanical and taking your Chevy Babe out for a road trip.

I've been lurking this board since I first installed the Zorin disc looking for pointers and help. Zorin is not used by many, so finding information that may be a bit specific was frustrating. It's great you have a dedicated discussion board to this excellent operating system. Swarfendor437's manual and many posted tips were very helpful at the start.
From this thread:
I had a filling fall out from a tooth yesterday and had it replaced today. For a minute he thought he was going to have to do a root canal but after looking at the x-rays decided to just replace the filling. After dealing with trying to do such a simple task as to get my wifi to work when I install my operating system and failing miserably at said task...I think I might have preferred the root canal.

Best Post I have read this year. :D