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Zorin 5.2 OS - Excellent finish and functionality


Sun Feb 19, 2012 6:11:40 pm

UPDATE 7/6/2012: Finally had some time to install Zorin OS 6 Core. Everything I wrote below still applies and then some. This was one of the easiest OS installs I've ever done. Zorin OS works, plain and simple. And Zorin OS 6 works better than ever. I think this is the first time I can remember a wifi card working during a linux install. I realize some of that is due to the updates to the underlying Ubuntu system, but I choose to give most of the credit to Zorin. I love the new Zorin Desktop! Great Job! Seriously, excellent finish and functionality.

For the longest time, I was just another unhappy Windows user. I am a SQL database analyst and web developer for a US software company that uses Windows clients and servers. I constantly considered using something other than Windows at home, but needed to be able to work from home in a stable OS environment. Mac wasn't really an option, due the financial restraints the accountant (aka. my wife) placed on me. So, that left me attempting a switch to Linux.

As a kid, our house used Windows, drove Fords, and voted Republican, etc... Dad's house, Dad's rules. ;) Anyway, while I was extremely knowledgeable and even trained to fix any issue in Windows, I was ignorant when it came to Linux. I admit, I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't be able to make the switch. At first, I was right. I tried Ubuntu 7.x. I could never get it to work right on a desktop or a laptop. More than likely my fault, not Ubuntu's. I tried again with 8.x, and while I could get it installed successfully and all hardware recognized, I couldn't connect to work. At that time, work used Windows VPN. Again, my lack of Linux knowledge really hurt me. However, with Ubuntu 10.x two things happened that finally put all the pieces together. Work switched to Anyconnect vpn software and I stumbled upon the openconnect package. Since then, the only Windows pc in the house is my wife's. God bless her. :D

I was now a relatively happy Linux user at home. However, while Ubuntu is a stable OS, for me it never felt finished. I always felt like I was using a beta version of software. Little things, that could make the end user's experience better were never done. And that was while Ubuntu used Gnome 2. When they switched to Unity, while I really liked the concept, I realized it didn't just feel like beta software, it was beta software. But, I persisted, using Unity through 11.10. I began to like it, but still couldn't shake the feeling that there were so many little things that were being missed. I felt like, Unity was moving forward without completely finishing previous advancements.

After 11.10 and reading about Ubuntu's plans to use type ahead in its 12.04 lense to replace application menus. I accepted that Ubuntu was not going to be the finished product I wanted, for a very long time. I began searching for another distro. I realized I needed to switch to a debian based OS, if I didn't want to begin the learning process all over again. I considered Linux Mint, but it, too, just didn't seem finished. It just felt like another work in progress. I continued searching.

Finally, this month, I read about Zorin OS on I also found reviews of Zorin OS on other websites, such as written September '11, and written December '10. My initial impression was that Zorin OS looked finished, but I was concerned that it's attempt to provide an environment similar to Windows could fall short, again making it feel unfinished. I am happy to say, my concerns were unfounded.

Zorin is the most finished, stable and functional Linux OS I have ever used. The installation was the easiest Linux installation I have ever performed. Part of that is that I'm no longer completely Linux ignorant, and most of it is that Zorin just works out of the box. The only driver I had to provide myself was for my Broadcom wireless card, but I expected that. I've used Windows for years, I expect to have to provide some drivers after installation. Only having to provide one, far surpasses expectations. I chose the Win7 theme over the WinXP and Gnome themes that come with Zorin 5.2 Core, but switching between the three to try each one was easy as logging out and logging back in. Installing software is really no different than Ubuntu and I was able to install all of the software I had been using in Ubuntu.

But, for me, it's the little things that make an OS complete. I think the thing that really made me realize Zorin OS is my choice for a Linux distro was while adding indicator-sysmonitor to the startup applications list. In Ubuntu, if the software didn't include an option to add itself to the startup list, I would have to hunt down the software's execution command. I usually did this by opening the main menu settings from the system menu and looking at the properties of the menu item to find the command. I would then add a custom item to the startup application list. However, Zorin greatly impressed me when I found that if I right click on an application in the gnomenu, there's an option to add the application to the system startup. To me that's finish and functionality. Like I said, it's the little things.

So, in closing, thank you, Zorin OS team. You've provided a Linux OS that matches finish and functionality. I will recommend Zorin OS to anyone I know looking to switch to Linux and even those that aren't looking to switch.



Sun Feb 19, 2012 6:26:20 pm

My thoughts exactly my friend.
I was trying for so long to find a linux distro that was making me comfortable. I switched between 5 or 6 distros and nothing was feeling "complete".

Zorin was the best solution by far. In the beginning I had it on dual boot, but I felt so safe with it that now I use it as my single and only OS in 5 computers.

Keep up the good work Zorin guys!


Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:49:46 pm

Mac looks can be achieved very easily. Just made mine with the new Lion wallpaper. I love blue color...




Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:26:37 pm

Hi all

"Zorin greatly impressed me when I found that if I right click on an application in the gnomenu, there's an option to add the application to the system startup. To me that's finish and functionality. Like I said, it's the little things."

On my Zorin 5.2 I've only got the option to add to the desktop or panel no option to add to startup WHY ???.

Screenshot.png (214.47 KiB)

Cheers Auidyin


Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:19:18 am

Hi auldyin,

on my rig I do have the add to startup option; but not for all progs!!.

If you want to add something to startup, open the Control Center and Startup Applications. Click on browse and then file system > usr > bin and select the prog you want and click add!!. (I know it is long winded but it works!!).

You can try running "dpkg" in the recovery menu when you start your PC, it may fix the problem for you!!.

Sorry I cannot be of more help :(

Regards Wolfman :D


Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:52:35 pm

Yo Wolfman

I've used Startup Applications which is no problem but right clicking on an application would be neat. I've never had this option on 5.1 or 5.2 does it only apply to the premier versions ?.

Also I've run "dpkg" a few times in the past with no difference to this.

Thanks anyway Auldyin


Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:14:30 am

I have installed several Linux distributions over the last 6 months just to find one that works best for me. Zorin 5.2 OS is by far the best there is. I know many would suggest Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or any other distro however, somehow the developers of Zorin has what it takes to create a distribution that far exceeds the others by a long shot. It is my hope that the developers for Zorin do not do what other developers of other distributions have done and that is replace what works with eye candy like Gnome 3 or Unity. If at all possible, please stay away from the c*** that has recently been deveoped in other Linux distributions. What I mean is DO NOT CHANGE A THING IN ZORIN 5.2 OS. Also I was wondering will Zorin 5.2 OS have to make change to Unity or Gnome 3? will there be existing Gnome 2.x support or will there have to be a change to Gnome 3? I only ask these questions because I do not want Zorin to change. It works and that is all I need.

Thank you for developing Zorin OS


Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:03:58 am

Hi All,
just have to say exactly what gordybhere said.
I installed several Linux distributions in escape from gnome3/unity (what btw are same useless c***, they obviously compete with windows 8 in a contest "how to make the most stupid GUI ever"). Then, accidentally (pure luck :-)), I found Zorin OS, which so far is the best. Therefore I must underline :"DO NOT CHANGE A THING IN ZORIN 5.2 OS" ! Especially do not involve with gnome3/unity/cinnamon :twisted: .

Thank you for developing Zorin OS


Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:30:55 am

Hi chaps,

for info on whats going on; take a look here:


Regards Wolfman :D


Wed May 30, 2012 6:22:13 am

I tried them all too. Not just VM'd em but full installs. I tried every one of the "top" 50 in Distrowatch list and burned a lot of discs until I started USB live sticks and honestly, I don't know why any of them are at the top of the list when Zorin should be in the #1 spot. I finally narrowed it all down to just 3 Linux OS distros that are almost bulletproof and use all three regularly. I won't mention the other two just yet. Zorin OS 5.2 comes at first place in looks, functionality, speed, memory use and ease of software installation. It's the only OS that works without some ridiculous bug on all 4 of my laptops and all three desktops. Albeit I've had troubles with Z6RC, but I'm hoping the final release will be as good or better than Zorin 5.2. But how can you improve perfection?


Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:19:06 pm

I simply love it....I kept using Ubuntu 10.04LTS over the same thing....Unity and Gnome3 are rubbish....
Zorin is simply amazing.

Please don't move to Gnome3 of it's not better then 5.2 is simply GOOD!!!
Except for the Look-changer, but that could be my fault.


Tue Jun 05, 2012 3:06:24 pm

Bas wrote:I simply love it....I kept using Ubuntu 10.04LTS over the same thing....Unity and Gnome3 are rubbish....
Zorin is simply amazing.

Please don't move to Gnome3 of it's not better then 5.2 is simply GOOD!!!
Except for the Look-changer, but that could be my fault.

Hi Bas,

Zorin 6 has a G2 like interface in the look changer, you will still have to tweak it though!!. It does not however use the Gnome Shell.

See my screenshot below:

Regards Wolfman :D
Workspace 1_005.png
Workspace 1_005.png (896.09 KiB)


Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:12:39 pm

And even the default "look" is the same as on your Zorin 5....they use a modified gnome 3 fallback session with the awn (avant window manager) set to panel mode with a gnomenu...the result is an identical environment to what you are using on the old gnome 2 Zorin 5....
So, even on the default look, it's going to look and work just like it was gnome 2 even though, it is in fact, gnome 3...

They came up with a "perfect solution" :mrgreen:


Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:57:34 pm

I just love 5.2 Core on my netbook. It is adjustable, stable and fast.


Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:18:10 pm

ZorinOS 5.2



Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:43:41 am

Very very nice virtualnexus! The background is great and I also like the functionality with the side bars!
The only thing that could be improved (in my humble opinion) is the half-disappeared bars.

You could just keep the entire bars but give them a little transparrency. I think it would look nicer.

See my guide here.



Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:15:08 pm

Thanks madvineger,
Actually I use Intellihide so you can't see them when a window in close and I got rid of the computer and home icons and added some icons in the upper panel. I noticed the same docky arrangement on other OS's makes them very laggy, but not Zorin. :D I have a huge monitor so I have space to burn and if used, the intellihide makes them go away when there's a window nearby. The panels have handles so the desktop has nothing on it at all if I like.
This is the XP desktop but I prefer the usual gnome, but I'm afraid to switch because I might lose it all.
The wallpaper is a fractal I found somewhere. Easy on the eyes, not too bright.


Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:33:11 pm


Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:41:23 pm

Nice fritz, sure beats hunting and pecking around menus to find stuff on tiny screens!


Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:30:21 am

frits you have installed gnome shell?


Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:20:48 pm

No. But then I will get the Gnome 3 lay-out, right?


Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:01:27 am

Gnome shell shouldn't work on Zorin 5 because it is for GTK3 and and Z5 is based on GTK2. Most likely it won't let you install it anyway as the repo won't be synced for it!!.

Regards Wolfman :D


Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:23:09 am

Well for now I am completely happy with 5.2.

Gnome 3 in 6 rc is not yet what I am looking for. Changing things is less possible. I can not change it in the way I did with 5.2.


Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:08:56 am

So what is the menu in the 2nd photo of frits?


Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:29:35 am

The best one there is........... Mintmenu ;)


Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:03:47 pm

And untill I move to Ubuntu 12.10 I will stick to 5.2 Core in the Gnome lay-out.

I found out that 12.20 runs quite good on my netbook. 12.04 gives me just freezes of my system. Tried everything with Zorin 6, Mint 13 Mate/Cinnamon, PInguyOS 12.04 LTS and Light, Voyager etc.

12.04 just does not work on my Akoya Medion E1222 hardware.


Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:31:52 am

frits I hear that the kernel used by 12.10 will be used also by 12.04. I am talking about kernel 3.5.0 which, as you said, is faster, lighter and with many bugs corrected.
And since 12.04 is actually the LTS edition, canonical is thinking of using it in 12.04 as well. Actually I am pretty anxious to get it when it is 100% ready.
If this happens, I am sure that Zorin 6 will get it too (since it is based on 12.04).


Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:16:53 pm

That is good news. Curious when that will be...