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Small details that could use some polish...


Thu May 19, 2011 10:43:04 pm

Hi again, I was trying some features of the OS that I didn't remember being in Zorin 4 core 64 bit (basically, dragging windows to the edges of the screen) and I found a good number of things worth noting:

1. Dragging windows to the sides does the same thing as in W7, BUT whenever I drag a window the right edge the preview (the blue rectangle) does not match what would happen if I released the window there, or more specifically, instead of covering the right half of the screen, the preview doesn't quite reach the top of the screen.

2. I set my task bar to autohide and I tried to preview of my application windows, which I find to be very similar to W7, but sometimes the task bar would hide while I was looking at the previews (If you want to reproduce this try hovering the mouse on the taskbar until the previews pop up, move the mouse quickly away from the taskbar and the previews, and then get back to the previews) I made a screenshot of the error while running a live session. Now, I could be wrong in this particular aspect, but I don't recall the W7 taskbar doing that.

3. On a similar note, it is possible to move the preview windows downwards by playing with the mouse after doing what is described in the second point.

4. I clicked on the start menu, then on the avatar picture so I could change it, and after choosing a pic with chess pieces and clicking close, the picture is NOT updates. I don't know if this particular issue is related to the fact that I'm on a live session, but it's what happend to me at least. (to be fair though, I don't think I can change my avatar picture by clicking ON the picture on W7, so, unless I'm wrong about this, kudos for that)

5. This is another case where I don't remember if the same happens in W7 and is not really a big deal, but it would seem as if preview windows are smaller for windows that are not maximized.

6. I know I'm starting to sound like I should just move back to W7 at this point, but there is no button to show the desktop in the task bar. Just saying.

7. THIS IS AN EDIT: When the task bar is set to autohide, clicking on the Start (Zorin?) button makes the menu appear in such a way that the lower part of the menu (where the search box is) is below the taskbar. To simplify, the start menu doesn't always show above the task bar.

I realize that Zorin is not about mimicking W7 to the last detail and I know these are all very small issues, but I figured it was worth pointing out because, if there was an easy fix it could be fixed, and if not there's always Zorin 6. I would also argue that they matter because presentation can make people doubt you if you don't get it right.

I can't believe Zorin is this fast on a live session. I don't know what goes on under the hood but I am amazed at the improvements that linux has made in the last year since I tried my first live CD (Knoppix 6.2)