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Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:03:22 am

Hi all,

as the title suggests, some and/or many problems with your installation can be avoided by burning the ISO file at the "SLOWEST POSSIBLE SPEED", most if not all burner apps will automatically choose the fastest speed available for your disk burner drive so it is important before you commit to burn a CD/DVD that you select the menu tab which controls the burn speed and select the lowest number on offer.
Your burner drive may well support a burn speed of 20 X for DVD and 60 X for CD's and the burnable DVD disk might say "4 X", but you should not burn at 4 X but at something like 2.4 which should be on offer to you. If you want good music CD's, I also advise you to reduce the burn speed to the lowest number on offer.
Properties of hp DVD-RAM GH40L_017.jpg

Using Brasero burning app, you should see something like this window after clicking on "Properties" and as you can see, there are several options of which you should select the lowest number, in the this case 4 X:
Image Burning Setup_001.jpg

The disk in my example pic above had a maximum of 16X burn speed!!, others may only have 4X or 8X!!!. (Talking about burnable DVD's here btw!)

The reason you should select the slowest speed possible is that if you try and burn a disk too fast, you may well get read/write errors on the disks which will lead to a faulty install and/or an unstable system.

When you buy disks, before you start to burn something, hold the disk up to the light and see if you can see any "Pinpricks" of light coming/showing through the disk, if there are little holes, throw the disks away or use them as "Coffee Coasters"!!.

If you follow this advice, you may well save yourself hours of heartache; head scratching and countless posts in forums like this one.

This does not appy to an ISO file being installed on a USB stick!!.

Attention!: Make sure you completely format the USB stick to FAT32 before commencing with Unetbootin or other USB installer software!.

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Regards Wolfman :D