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Recovering a baulked system with e2fsck


Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:09:59 pm

You come to your computer and boot up - you are greeted with a 'busybox' message and a prompt that starts in brackets '(initramfs)'.

I tried the 'block references' to overwrite existing ones (there are two options) and it did not work. Also an indication of problems will be your root file system showing up as removable media (I thought I had not removed some thumb drives correctly as I have a 32 Gb and 64 Gb). My FerenOS install failed to boot. I recently purchased LXF (not the current magazine) that had FerenOS and Kali Linux - I used the latter in Live Mode to repair my FerenOS install - I will now also need to repair my Zorin Lite 64-bit Ultimate too as this could fail any time soon.

You will be faced with a login in Kali Live - login as 'root' and password of 'toor'.

Next, open a terminal (it will automatically have root permissions - make sure you only have the troubled Drive in place so you get the correct drive.

In the terminal enter:

e2fsck -y /dev/sdaX

the -y switch tells e2fsck to say yes to all prompts; sdaX refers to your hard drives 'root' partition number - worth making a note of now for future reference by using gparted.

I am now posting this 'How-to' on my restored FerenOS and now taking scheduled SnapShots using TimeShift as added precaution which I hadn't done previously.

:D :D :D

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