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Installing Zorin 15 - 'something else' method and EFI


Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:47:57 pm

On newer machines from about 5 years ago, M$ introduced the Secure Boot System. Over time Fedora and Ubuntu released 'shims' to solve this issue and fell into disrepute with the Free Software Foundation. History lesson aside, this is how it should be done for Zorin 15.

First a handy explanatory article: ... -partition

Here is mine gone wrong! (By that my choice of 100 Mb appears to have turned into 100 Gb!:


So, your drive, assuming no Windows and no other hard drives would be probably 'sda#' - because of me playing around with other distributions (I have a choice of 5 at boot time!) and various reinstalls of Zorin it has become 'sdb#'.

So when you get to the something else part of install and GParted, (Gnome Partition editor) comes on screen, if you have any existing partitions, (extened ones will need to be 'unmounted' before you can delete anything inside it), delete all of them unless you are intending to dual-boot with Windows. This tutorial is purely made for the purpose of installing Zorin/GNU/Linux of your choice with EFI support.

1. Create a partition of 50 Mb - it should only use about 35 Mb but you might want to give a bit of breathing space. Format this partition to FAT32 and mark it as boot and esp using the 'flags' manager.

2. Next create your 'root' file system, make this 30 Gb in size or you may want to take it up to 50 Gb - the choice is yours. Format to Ext4 and mark it as '/',

3. Next up at the end of the free space after '/' partition create your swap area - make it double the size of your installed RAM.

4. Finally, the space left in between should be formatted to Ext4 and marked as '/home'

Next proceed with the installation, remembering to ensure that you have told the installer to install the bootloader to 'sda' and then click on continue.


Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:04:20 pm

Doesn't Zorin 15 use a 'swapfile' rather than swap-space?


Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:14:26 pm

Something I've not looked into - that might occur on an auto install but I am of the old school of manual install. ;) :D