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WARNING! Attention Spammers. New members read this.


Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:55:58 am

Attention all members of the forum.

You may have to wait for your post to be checked, the mods are all volunteers and not paid, we also have familes etc, the reason people have to wait for first post approval is to make sure that they are not spammers. We also live in different time zones so when you are awake, others are asleep!!. Further; there are not that many active mods or members on the forum at the moment and until such time as the number increases and participation of more members takes hold, people may well have to wait a while for an answer to their post.

Once your first post has been approved and it is established you are not a spammer, you can post away to your hearts content :D :D

Due to some spammers* on the forum, anyone posting a thread or reply with an advertising link in their post/thread/signature will be banned automatically from the forum, without further warning.

It will be allowed if you are trying to help someone find a suitable piece of hardware or software (or whatever the subject matter happens to be about) and it is relevant to the post/thread.

Permanent advertising links in your signature or user ID are not allowed!!.

Links with access to websites where nothing is being offered for sale are allowed, links like Radio Stations/YouTube, Linux (or computing in general) related websites, sports/news/science/free software etc!.

If any current active members have such links, please remove them.

So please don't waste our time and yours, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!.

This is an English language site, if you do not speak English natively, feel free to post in your own language, BUT!, please include an English language translation using the likes of "Google Translate" or something similar.


Rules of conduct:

Common courtsey is expected of all members regardless of rank at all times, this applies to mods as well as normal members!, anyone using abusive or offensive language can say goodbye now, name calling and ridicule are equally frowned upon and it is expected that all members adhere to an unwritten "Code of Conduct", please be civil at all times when making posts.

Once you have posted your question, please have the decency to let everyone know as to whether or not you solved your problem; allbeit via this forum or another so we don't have open threads!. You can mark it as (SOLVED) yourself by editing the "Subject" line in the very first post of the thread.