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Marble Virtual Globe- Opensource alternative to Google Earth


Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:53:45 pm

Following the discussion that myself, Swarf and Wolfman had about Google Earth, I found a linux alternative (native app) of google earth.
It is called "Marble Virtual Globe" and it is contained in the repositories.
Ok, it is not so powerfull or flashy as GE, but I believe that if we all support it, it will become better.
WM the panoramio photos seem to work just fine by the way... :lol:
It's worth taking a look at it and discover the options it offers.

To install it just open terminal (ctrl+alt+T) and write:
sudo apt-get install marble

You can then launch it either by running in terminal

or via the zorin menu > education > marble
or just type "marble" on the Zorin menu search bar.