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Tag latest releases on Sourceforge (Request for build team)


Sun Mar 08, 2020 4:44:32 pm

At the project we would like to ingest the latest releases of your ISOs in an automated fashion. (Currently doing it manually)
In order to achieve this the easiest way is if when we hit ... t/download we get back a redirect to the latest stable version.
It does not look like a release has been marked as latest since 12.4 though.
In Sourceforge speak it is the default setting ... ase%20API/ .
Let me know if you have any questions .


Sun Mar 08, 2020 9:07:00 pm

Hi, this is a community forum and Team Zorin pay a call when they can but I think they are tied up developing Zorin Grid for later this year. My advice to you would be to fill out the contact form on the main page of Zorin: