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Update on Zorin 6


Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:10:49 am

Hi all,

the current state of affairs: ... /#comments

Regards Wolfman :D


Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:33:20 am

It would be great to go directly to the 12.04 release which is the latest and more stable one!


Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:09:02 pm

Hello Team and Hello to the system Builders of Zorin OS.

If I can help on the Multimedia System that will be Great - for you and for the users.
I can say one thing on the " israelremixteam - Multimedia 2 -64bit ".
in the first 12 Hours after we have released our system there were 1500 Downloads for that system. :idea:
The must wanted Multimedia on the net!
There are alot of packages that not install on the Zorin systems in Advance for the end user Like:


and alot more....
players and support for the players.
Burn issues comes because of missing packages that are not installed in Advance.
So we work with teamviewer from my system on the other machine where ever it is to get all the install of the Multimedia support in Advanced.
we can get this system of Zorin to go up in Distrowatch easy.
just one TIP for you.
All the support packages for all the needs are made in ONE ROUND. :idea: ;)
the size will be like 1G = solve all the issues in one.
So this is the part that I can help you from here and you can take it from there. ;)
there are like I said alot of missing packages that will save alot of problems to the end users.

SO... if you need my help there I will be more then happy to help you out to.

All the best Team/Users on the site.
God Bless.


Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:16:54 pm

ZORIN 6 ----NEW.jpg
ZORIN 6 ----NEW.jpg (80.06 KiB)


Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:48:42 pm

ZORIN 6 - NEW-2.jpg
ZORIN 6 - NEW-2.jpg (88.44 KiB)