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Educational version

Acer DeVille

Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:19:13 pm

Is there any way possible for me to see the programs, or at least some of them before I download the whole OS? I am looking for something for my son, he has a learning disability, I have downloaded a couple of packages and did not like anything included in them. So I am hoping that I can see it before downloading. If there's not I guess I'll go ahead and download it and try.


Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:42:15 am

Hi AD,

it might be easier to tell us what you need and then work from there, as you know, you can add or remove apps at will, so start with the base system and add or remove to your hearts content.

I couldn't tell you what apps are included and on the blog, there isn't really much info: ... -released/

Acer DeVille

Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:23:27 pm

Thanks Wolfman, the reason I asked this here, is because I couldn't find the information anywhere else.I was hoping someone here would know of a page I hadn't found.

Six years ago we adopted a boy, his "birth mom", if you can cal her a mom is a crack *****, and was smoking while pregnant. Then for te first three years of is life he was completely neglected. He has made wonderful progress, but he just turned nine and is still working on getting caught up. He is testing at a 5 y/o, level. And we are just trying to get him caught up. We had some disk that only working on Windows, which was very helpful, but he's outgrown them, and I don't see paying a couple hundred dollars for those. I guess I'll just have to download the iso and give it a try.


Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:46:58 pm

Hi Acer, to save you the hassle, why don't you just either:

1. Go to Software Center/re and browse the educational packages that are there - a lot of the apps that come on the Education disc are already present in the Software Center/re - and you can view the description.

2. Alternatively, open Synaptic Package Manager and enter 'Education' in the search box - as you click on a title a description is given in the box bottom centre. ;)

Acer DeVille

Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:32:16 pm

Hi Swarfendor437, thank you for the ideas, I have checked both of those, the problem there is the description doesn't always give you a realistic description. I checked those places on the other varients I've downloaded, but you get a description that says "a math program aimed at 2nd graders", and that's all you get, then you download it and grown adults can't understand the directions, and rules of the "games". I was just hoping to see some pictures of the activities before I downloaded. But, last night I finally just downloaded and installed the Zorin Educ. on a usb drive, there was about 60 programs pre-installed, if I remember right about 15 of them were educational in nature, and out of those there were 3 that my son could actually play. On top of that, I had to run it on a laptop, because the old desktop (XP home) just could not pull it, it was so slow it was useless, of course I was running off a usb, and not the HDD. Oh well I put it on a usb stick, I haven't affected my hard drive any, I'll keep looking.


Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:35:55 pm

Acer DeVille

Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:09:44 pm

Thanks, I found a couple of things that just might work. My problem is my son has some learning disablitites, his birth mother (we adopted), was smoking crack while she was pregnant, so he has some special needs. That's why I'm being such a a-hole about all of this. There's only so much he can do, and we have to try to push his limits without going to far over his head. I do appreciate your help, you have been a big help.