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suggestions for the future release...OS


Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:14:39 pm

Hi friends , for me one of the more important is security. Using windows xp for example in the past year i were using locky vpn or another free and comercial software for surf anonymous - because as many experts in security on the net recommend [ SURF ANONYMOUSLY ] for have more security. My questions - IS posible in the next zorin OS release for the developer to include as default an VPN or anonymous surfing software ready for to be activated as the firewall do? I thinking could be and excelent idea. I have seen inclusive a distro linux who do especialy this job as default [ amnesia linux base in debian] i did prove this ( live cd ) and use Tor as the anonymous sistem, i did test online and effectively - do the job. Here a link to the Tor sistem - Thanks for read my post...
me in Twiter:kairomatrix