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Volume level support in Settings/Sound


Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:08:57 pm

Would be nice if we could add 'Volume Level' controls in addition to the balance control in the Settings/Sound panel. This would most likely help with add in cards like the Soundblaster CA0106 card.
After much searching for the issue of no sound from the right speaker, one then discovers that the possible solution might be that the balance control is all the way to the left when the Ubuntu sound driver is initially installed. ( Fought this for hours in Mate ) But of course it isn't in Zorin. The Sound Panel shows the balance control centered.
Only after loading QASMIXER one then discovers that in fact all of the right channel volumes levels are set to zero.
Equalizing them solves the issue and then the balance control works as expected.

A real plus for Zroin is the Software panel that makes it really easy to load apps like QASMIXER. :D