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Topic: Mockup for a possible Zorin OS installer


Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:34:01 pm

Hi there I'm new to this community but me and my girlfriend are really big fans of Zorin OS. We love the user experience, which is for us the best in the linux world out there.
This morning I got an idea how the installation process could become more simpler and I made some mockups. Maybe you could find this useful. =)

The switch from another OS to Zorin OS needs this steps:
1. Download the iso
2. Download etcher
3. Check MD5 (optional but should everyone do)
4. Flash an install drive
5. Reboot to Zorin OS

The idea is to combine this into:
1. Download the Zorin OS installer
2. Follow the instructions
3. Reboot

And maybe this could improve the user experience. It will need a standalone application "Zorin OS installer", which could be based on electron, to run on all platforms. Based on the user agent, the Zorin OS website could provide a download for an .appimage, .exe or whatever mac users need.

There could be three versions of the Zorin OS Installer:
1. Core and educational versions for pay-what-you-want
2. Buisness version for 15€
3. Ultimate version for 19€

The advantages could be:
- Creating a install device step by step could be much easier for linux newbies
- The installation process will be the most easiest of all linux distributions
- When newbies wants to install linux, they often search for something like "Install-Linux.exe", and here they would get it ;-)

So maybe this concept and the mockups are interesting for you. I think it would be great if someone could implement this.

The "Zorin OS Installer"-application could then look like this (Sorry, the resolution is not the best, I could reupload this in my nextcloud later):


Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:17:24 pm

Thanks for the input - have moved your submission to this section as it is more appropriate. ;) :D