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hi friends of the forum..


Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:28:26 pm

hi.. surfing online i go to the ubuntu page "news" been ubuntu the mother and base distro of zorin and i saw the 12 version will be a LTS with 5 years support!! this is a great news for me [maybe to many of this community linux users] if the next zorin 6 take 12 version of ubuntu as the system base. But a questions , and doubt because this final 12 version of ubuntu ( NOT ALFA , BETA -release ) will be ready in APRIL 2012 . For me although the zorin community would be in the sacrifice to wait somes months i thinks could be a wise decision to wait a little for to have this final release already tested and solid.( not to base in a testing OS) With a final release of a 5 year support OS i believe will be the best OS linux never released before...Its my opinion. What are you thinking about?


Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:11:42 pm

Hi KM,

I agree with you, I would rather wait for a finished and polished distro than have one too early that creates major problems. If Zorin 6 is based on Gnome 3, I hope that they have gotten rid of most of the bugs by then!!.

Regards and Merry Xmas.

Wolfman :D