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One Settings App


Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:47:57 pm

Combining the GNOME Tweak Tool, Zorin Appearance app, and the stock GNOME Settings would give you a killer settings app. It's crazy that a new user has to look at a separate app to manage their UI's appearance, and has to go out and download an app to change basic things like how Workspaces work, what Extensions are installed, and even what applications launch at startup.

Zorin Appearance has done a lot to change that, bringing in a pre-installed app that handles every appearance-based Tweak Tool setting but some extra ones that we didn't have before. But it's really time to go the whole way and present new users with one app that cleanly does it all.

I know some DEs have managed this: Cinnamon still used GNOME Tweak Tool for a long while before absorbing all its settings into theirs. Could Zorin do the same?