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Zorin OS should join forces with Linux Mint


Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:43:48 pm

I think Zorin OS developers should join froces with Linux Mint team while maintaining separate distros. Why? I think Zorin's and Mint's approaches to the desktop are more or less the same, But they have diffrent esthetic approaches and they should maintain separate distros. Zorin OS team should customize Cinnamon to their own distro and I think they already have all the necassary artwork done. Check this:

1- Zorin8 Black and made by gmc85 . Get it here


2- Mint-XP and made by gmc85 too. Get it here

3- Metro-Pack and modified by me. Get it here


4- Windows 7 Basic light by physics. Get it here


For windows 7 menu, get it here

I recommend this menu for Zorin though. It has Windows 7 theme among many other themes

for the theme manager develop something like this


On cinnamon you have all the applets, desklets; extensions, themes, effects, sound events you need and you are still close to mainstream. Nemo has more feature than any other file manager and it is still improving. :D

what do you think guys??????


Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:41:22 am

I agree.


Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:33:59 pm

Linux Mint is Linux Mint
Zorin OS is Zorin OS
Two different devs two different common goals in mind.
They are both unique in their own way.
Hope nothing ever changes between the two.
The Mate Desktop has been a blessing for most ever since gnome2 has retired.
The Cinnamom Desktop has been junk from day one.
Zorin Group has given new life to the Avant Window Manager. [ AWN ]
They stuck with it, when most everyone else left it for dead [ development ]
I myself am proud to be part of what Zorin OS is today.

Me and the friends made a graph at school the other day playing around of the three Desktops.
Mate had a steady rise in the charts.
Zorin Desktop had gradual rise in the charts.
Cinnamon Desktop looked liked it was on cardiac arrest.


Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:28:23 pm

Wolfman also reported recently that a separate Dev has now picked up where the previous developer has left off - here's hoping for some big improvements on what it has to offer already.