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Future Releases


Mon Jun 22, 2015 12:19:07 pm

I think it would be good if Zorin goes down the Cinammon route like MakuluLinux "Aero" build - the only thing missing as far as I can tell is the Windows +Tab key for 'stacking' of open windows - both left and right Windows key are tied to the menu and AWN is not present. The only issue that lets Makulu's fun builds down are the poor network functions - I can bring a live Zorin to work and access the network but Makulu doesn't and the Sound needs tweaking after install if you have HDMI but use the on-board sound like myself.

The look and feel of Makulu looks very nice - just to warn that the "fun build" and "aero" are based on Debian "testing" of the Jessie release.


Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:12:13 pm

I have had an idea, I am conscious that the 'Face of Zorin' is reliant on AWN (Avant Window Navigator) as it's 'de facto' release but perhaps it could produce two core versions - one pae and one non-pae in 32-bit format with the ppa for Cinammon present in the distro so that those wanting to install it can do so readily without detracting from its 'Face of Zorin'? Also consider a version without Kodi or Compiz for people with limited bandwidth. ;) :D :?: :!: