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Installation Changes


Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:25:47 pm

I like zorin OS, it is a great reliable OS. at home I am dual booting Zoron OS ULT, and Win 7 ULT, and they work great. I show it to everyone I know, and unless i'm playing a video game like Crysis 2 or Startcraft, I'm loaded into Zorin OS. My girlfriend recently had me walk her though building a computer (from nothing but spare parts, so it was not anything fancy) and she wanted to put Zorin on it. well the version that I was using is the ULT version and we put that on her computer and it ran a bit slow ... the point of building it was it should have been enough for her to play minecraft. i ended up downloading the lite version and putting it on her computer and it runs great but as we all know i lacks some pretty neat features....

What I was thinking was in the next version that comes out. I think the install should be a little more like a slackware install where you can pick and choose what programs and feature install ... so that way I could have take the ULT version that I have, and just chosen the few programs that she will need... like java, Xorg and terminal.


Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:05:19 pm

Take Zorin Core + add various programs from the software repos + Look Changer Plus (which gives you the Mac OS X Aqua UI) and you have Zorin OS Ultimate. I think a simpler way to do it would be to start out with Zorin OS Core (or Lite) and just add in whatever it is that you wanted.