Zorin 12.2 Feedback here!

Zorin 12.2 Feedback here!

Postby Swarfendor437 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:17 pm

Report any upgrades/issues here with your experience of updates to the latest version! ;)

I'll start the ball rolling and have some great news! Now this is only 2 programs, grant you, but working Wine applications can now (for me!) have a working shortcut on the desktop! The two apps I have that work are "Type-Faster Accessible" and the game "Homeworld" which I run as a virtual cd.

The other great news is that in Wine, the screen resolution would go big on exiting - not any more!! Nice going guys! ;) :D

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Re: Zorin 12.2 Feedback here!

Postby clounie » Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:21 am

General feedback on Zorin (since I have this version):

Love the UI, and the options to customize it (Windows+macOS type layouts + new ones? Been looking for this for years.)

The spotlight-esque search (and screen with it) brought up by the Windows/Meta key is awesome.

One thing that bugged me a little bit is that when the screen locks, you have to swipe up / click the mouse to get to the password screen. To be consistent with the initial login (which lets me press enter to bring that up), the lock screen should also let me press a key to get to the password prompt.

It would be nice to have a page of common problems/solutions + page of tutorials on the main page of ZorinOS, instead of being hidden in the forums.

Overall, I can't imagine moving to a different version of Linux - having Ubuntu's ecosystem + a superior UI is fantastic.
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