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Been using Linux for some time, this distro is very impressive. Just to demo it had a few issues - initially I run a virtual version (ProxMox) upon initial installation, I had no desktop on the default graphics - had to switch to Spice. Pretty simple to figure out. After that, things ran fine. My use for desktops is 1) be able to remove whatever I want without breaking the install 2) get Chrome 3) RDP for remote access to production applications, and 4) install VNC connect for remote access to users desktops:

1) Zorin did great, I removed all the games, LirbeOffice, any utilities I would not need and it did not try and remove Gnome, or break my desktop - this is a bit weighted, I also never remove things I know will break things [like Gnome itself] but I do feel if I do not use Libre Office [use Google Docs instead] I should be able to remove it so I dont have to download updates for it. PASS

2) Chrome did not install from Package Manager, however download of 64 bit DEB and install worked just as easily as it would have been to do in Windows. PASS

3) RDP for remote access is handled by Remmina (can never spell that) running it to connect failed complained about required video color resolutions "Your libfreerdp does not support H264" - I started reading up on a resolution and found the fix was more than I cared to mess with - uninstalled Remmina - and looked for FreeRDP - it wasn't in Package manger for install so I dropped to terminal and apt update, apt install freerdp2-x11 and was back in business. It installed without issues, ran great - creating a launcher was a bit to figure out but no more difficult than in Windows. Created a launcher and added it to the desktop - working great. PASS (probably the most issues I had with this install)

4) VNC so I can remote in, was not in Package Manager - went to web site downloaded Deb and installed about as easily as Chrome. Running it and setting up (connecting to my account etc... worked just fine unlike other distros, this was a biggy). PASS

The friggen thing detected many printers and set em up, pretty nice. Very clean, straight forward - nice.

Will now try installing it on my sons desktop to see if he can manage with it, and plop it on a laptop to see if that goes well.

Very nice job fellas, keep up the good work!
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