Postby daniel » Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:36 pm

Dear Team-Zorin,

I must applaud you for a very nice and clean distribution. I am a new user of linux, only jumping ship from Microsoft's Windows 10 a few months ago.
In all honesty I really do like Windows 10, as it have given me the best userexperience to date. Their data-infiltration-schemes and forced updates (which screwed me royally during critical experiments even though updates were disabled) is the primary reason for me switching to Linux. As such, I have tried various distributions but Zorin is so far the best experience.

The user experience has so far been great - with only a few minor problems. The overall feel of Zorin is that of a clean and crisp interaction.

One suggestion: A UI for managing devices, where one can enable and disable them without having to find device ids and configuring them through config files.

But all in all - keep up the good work!

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