it needs more zazz

it needs more zazz

Postby Gnomy » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:22 pm

NOTE: I've only tried Zorin 5 32 bit in a virtual machine for about three hours and this is my thoughts about it.

First off I'd like to say I do like your distribution. I discovered it last night while surfing though

I also have to say you have a bit of potential and I respect what you doing. I like the EU-like mandated web browser chooser, I also liked the "Look Changer," and +1 for the video in the installer, but beyond that it's not quite my cup of tea. The Windows-7 styled menu is kind of confusing (to me at least) I think it's the styling of the icons in the menu and no separation between the global shortcuts(Email, Web Browser) from the menu-specific ones. It also took me about five minutes to find the look changer in this view. My only complaint with the XP styling is when I open it I see a unused white spot above "All Applications" it'd be nice to see the Email and web browser shortcut.

I like that you haven't arbitrarily constrained yourself to the 700 mb's and installed several other applications, but looking through the list of applications it's... well a lot. I have to ask why you kept the Preferences and Administration when you have the Control Center; it's a bit redundant. Also I'm kind of intrigued why you have Media Player and VLC in the list; their basically the same type of application. Ubuntu-tweak, Software Centre, and CCSM between those three applications you have a bit of overlap and is overkill.

I'm kind of surprised you included GIMP it's a very complex and sometimes an annoying image editor. Pinta would have been a much better choice; it's a lot easier to learn and has all the bells and whistles most people need.

I have a few more complaints/issues; depending on how my light criticism is taken I might share the rest.

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