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Re: Feedback your experience of Zorin 6.2 (all flavours) HER

Postby Andrew » Sun Jun 08, 2014 4:45 pm

Swarfendor437 wrote:
Andrew wrote:Howdy Y'all....been usin Zorin 6.4 Ultimate 32 for about a month's quite good, a lot of stuff on thing, about there an updated version of xiphos Bible program....I'm sitting at 3.1.5, according to the Sword project, the most updated version is 3.1.6.....but on the site of xiphos, they've just put out 3.2.0....but sword has to be at 1.7. Are these upgrades going to be implemented any time soon.....are you all keeping up with any of this so as to upgrade the local repositories for Zorin....I know you use a lot of stuff for or from Ubuntu....thanks for your input and for a great OS

Andrew :)

Hi Andrew, Most of the main applications come from Ubuntu repositories - are there any .deb packages available?

Hey Swarfendor437,

After a big bout with sourceforge, and trying to follow certain instructions for installation, I've discovered right now that their current project is based on the 64bit and it's a tar ball that will/would have to be installed through .debs right now. I think it'll have to go through Crosswire repos first so they can analise and determine if and when this gets put into any OS repo's.....I know 3.1.6.version of xiphos is out there and a lot of other OS's/distros have it in their repo' there any way of at least getting that version into Zorin repo's....Thanks for your time
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Re: Feedback your experience of Zorin 6.2 (all flavours) HER

Postby Swarfendor437 » Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:53 pm

Hi, one way to try is to install gdebi package installer (unless already present) then install 'alien':

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sudo apt-get install alien

Then if the package is tar.gz - no problem - if any other tarball package, extract the files then compress with Archive manager to tar.gz format - make a note of it's location then at the bash prompt enter:

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sudo alien -d -i <package_name>

d = turn into debian package
i = install debian package.

Hope this helps! :D

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