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I have Zorin 12 Ultimate and Zorin Lite Ultimate on separate PCs dual-booted with WIN7 and 10.
I am finding that I use Lite more often as it is so quick to startup, and has all the programs I need.

To make my desktop more interesting I tried installing gDesklets from 'Software'. It only offers a couple of items available. Zorin Team gave me to hopefully find other items. It was a matter of trial and error, to find the following:
Clock ver. 0.52 (Old fashioned clock face - came with gDesklets)
Quote of the day ver. 1.1 (also came with gDesklets)

Software offers Calendar ver.62 that does not work in Zorin. I also tried Weather desklet-0.26.tar.gz that didn't work in either version. Anyway, Weather app on my panel is very good.
If you find something you fancy on this webpage, download it, Then open gDesklets, click on File > Install package, > navigate to Downloads, then click Open and it will install quickly. Once there, just double click on the new item and it will appear on your desktop ready to be dragged to its final position.

Also I have a collection of Wallpapers in my files (Pictures/Wallpapers) and once you set one of them as desktop background, Zorin seems to access them automatically thereafter (I also put them in WIN).
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