Update your reviews page.

Update your reviews page.

Postby blackoutworm » Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:51 pm

There are lots of video reviews for zorin os 5 there, but not 6.
So here are some links for you.

Zorin OS 6 Ultimate (Part 1 - Installation), by TOStoday

Zorin OS 6 Ultimate (Part 2 - Review), by TOStoday

Zorin OS 6 Ultimate, by quidsup:

Zorin OS 6 Lite, by quidsup:

ZorinOS Lite, by PreciseArray:

ZorinOS Core Installation, by PuppyLinuxWorld:

And I think that's how you need to set up the site.
The new user doesn't care for having 100s of reviews.
And since lite, core and ultimate are 3 different versions of zorin, you'll only confuse the new users by having all of them listed like that.
The other thing is that some of the reviews you already have listed are not for newbies. I mean, when they start talking about lubuntu, and how zorin is better on this way and that way.
Or how it's better than unity because it's using gnome 3, and stuff like that.
A linux user will obviously understand all that and relate to it, but not the windows user who are switching or thinking about switching to zorin.
I think all that information will only scare them away from trying it.

So don't list too many reviews, and not reviews that are full of geeky info and strange names and words.

As I see it, the reviews that I have listed here are fine.
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