Zorin 12 Installation Video / 1 Million OS12 Downloads

Zorin 12 Installation Video / 1 Million OS12 Downloads

Postby MBMz10 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:51 am

After discussions on another thread about Brave Browser here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=13530 I got to thinking (that's why my head hurts!) about all this data Google and the like collect on there 'used' as Mr Stallman puts it, so I started poking around my Youtube account to see what was there. I got quiet a surprise at the amount that I could see on the channel/account and for individual videos.

When Zorin 12 was released into the wild I noticed a lot of people asking about installing, likely many also joining the forum as well. Often seemed like it was the same half a dozen issues or so preventing them from installing. This prompted me to make a video, which I did and with a focus on some of the issues seen on here. NB: Looking on the Zorin blog today I see Over 1 million downloads ( http://zoringroup.com/blog/ ) as of November 1st 2017, congrats to the team on that one :D

Most of my Videos are Linux related and usually about some particular strange thing and I don't do any fancy editing or tricks to get views etc, because I can't. I only make them to share solutions to problems in the hope it may help another user with the same issue or sometimes to show off some 'Compiz' cause I reckon it is awesome. It is rather satisfying nonetheless when someone drops a little thank you comment. It's sort of in the spirit of open source or fee software, people helping people. That said some of the Zorin 12 related videos got over 800 - 1000 views and the one mentioned above about installing currently has 7400. When I saw that I looked at the Zorin blog and discovered the million downloads.

In light of all the negativity, censorship, algorithms, money and other stuff thrown at large platforms like Youtube or facebook (by me also) it is still nice to know that somewhere in the midst of it all it sorta kinda still works, at least for what I want to get out of it. I feel all warm and fuzzy now ;)

Feel free to share your thoughts or vent your spleen.
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