Partition confusion - Please help!

Partition confusion - Please help!

Postby W04 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:53 pm

Hello! I am new to dual-booting and I have spent my day on trying to get Zorin OS 12 Core working. I did not get any option like "Install alongside Windows 7", which I should get ( I made a new partition, drive D: called "LINUX" which I gave 15GB on my hard drive. In the installer, I chose the alternative for a custom installation. Here´s where I have problems:

When using "lsblk" in the terminal, the drive /dev/sd3 appears as 15GB. In the "Disk Image Writer", it also appears as the correct size, 16GB. It says that the disk is formatted with NTFS and that it is not mounted. But when opening the Zorin OS installer (I used UNetBootIn on a USB drive and chose "Try Zorin OS without installing), the /dev/sda3 appeared as 277.8GB, but only 90MB used. The installer couldn´t detect a system for that drive. I don´t want to mess anything up. If I choose to install Zorin on /dev/sda3, is it the correct partition, the D: drive with 15GB, even though the installer says 277.8GB in size? I am pretty sure that I am running Zorin OS 12.0, I created the bootable USB a while ago.
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Re: Partition confusion - Please help!

Postby zorinantwerp » Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:31 pm


please use search option on the board 'windows 7 zorin core 12 gparted' and see if issues of other members may assist you.

I would start reading the pdf of swarfendor437 which is hands on

kindly let know if you can sort out your dual boot

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