Zorin 64 bit Ultimate download

Zorin 64 bit Ultimate download

Postby grahamdavid » Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:36 am

I have just come over to Linux and like Zorin.
I have just purchased Zorin 64 bit Ultimate as a download and I cannot get the made up disk to boot.
All I get is Invalid or corrupt kernel image, error 2000 reading sector 2008985.
I have already downloaded zorin 64 bit free software and made a disk up of that and it worked.
Now, I do not really want to download Zorin 64 bit ultimate as a download again because of the time it took on the internet.
As,I have just purchased the software,would Zorin be prepared to send me a complete copy of the ISO to my email address. So that I can just burn that to a disk,or would they send me a disk in the post. I know there is a difference of about 3 euro, but as I have just purchased the software and previously purchased Zorlin 32bit ultimate as a disk and that was received in the post and worked without any problems. (That they may waver the postage costs)
I will support Zorin as I am happy with it and possibly purchase further items in the future. I will stick with a product long term if I am happy with it.
So.please could I have a response to this posting please.
My email address is [deleted to prevent poster receiving spam] My address details are on your records from my other purchase.
If I do not get any kind of answer, then I will just have to pick another distro out.
Thanks Graham Barrat
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