Hello and some solutions please

Hello and some solutions please

Postby Auldyin » Fri Nov 11, 2011 5:13 pm

It's been fun installing Zorin dual booting with Windows Vista. It's a great system 1min from pressing the power button to fully usable, life's too short to wait the 5min+ for Vista. Only broke it twice and had to re-install when trying to get my D drive which contains all my data, documents, pictures, music etc. to mount automatically at log in both times I was unable to use the drive at all. Luckily the last time I had found and used Remastersys Backup so I didn't have to start from scratch again. I've gave up on that problem for now until I learn more Linux. So, I've imported all my iTunes music 66 albums (from the D drive) into Banshee how do I get them to sort by artist name instead of album name ? and, I've put Thunderbird into my Startup Applications how do I get it to start minimized instead of fully open?. Couple of easy questions I hope. Thanks.
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