information regarding zorin os 6 needed

information regarding zorin os 6 needed

Postby caesar » Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:42 am

hi everyone,

currently i am using zorin os 5.0, thought of updating to 5.1.

before upgrading to 5.1 need some information,
1. when will be the next version coming out zorin os6?
2. will the next version contain gnome 2.3 or unity or gnome 3 as the default desktop environment?
3. what is release cycle days for zorin os?

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Re: information regarding zorin os 6 needed

Postby kairomatrix » Tue Nov 15, 2011 5:51 pm

Hi ... one way [ i am thinking ] to know how much good could be the next release in a distro linux , is to prove the next version of the "distro mother" in which is based. As maybe you know Zorin is base in Ubuntu. For curiosity i download the last Ubuntu release and for surprised to me cant run overall in my Latop PC!! . Simply a black screen is the result. I thinking if zorin 6 will be base and build in this last ubuntu release maybe the finals result would be the same [ in my computer latop not necesarily in other computer models ]. I wait to be wrong in my conclusion - by this reason i am not hurry about run to install the new version if tomorrow will be release but [ apart ] as Ubuntu, you and anyone can prove and test this in a live cd mode. If all is OK in this way .... mean will be equals installed [ suppoused ]]. This is the advantage to prove using live cd first.
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