Marking as [SOLVED] when resolved

Marking as [SOLVED] when resolved

Postby Wolfman » Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:25 am

Hi everyone,

please mark your threads as [SOLVED] when (and if) the problem is resolved, it is getting harder to sort through the forum and I for one am losing sight of some threads I was involved in/with!!!!.

To mark as [SOLVED], go to the very first post in your thread and edit the subject line (title), please type in "[SOLVED]" on the left as written so everyone can see at a glance that it has been solved.

It should look like this:

"[SOLVED] Problem with my soundcard"

Thanks for your cooperation.

Please do your part and remember; Zorin Needs You :D

Regards Wolfman :D
Regards Wolfman :D

Kindness is something the blind can see and the deaf can hear :)

Preparation and planning prevent poor performance! :)

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