[STICKY] How To Fix Windows Network Browsing

[STICKY] How To Fix Windows Network Browsing

Postby star treker » Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:59 pm

OK, when I was using Zorin OS 9 for 2 months I never had this problem. But after switching to Zorin OS 12, I noticed immediately that I didn't have access to my windows network, I reported it, and 8 hours later it was working. Since then there have been quite a few updates to OS 12. Today I noticed that the issue of not being able to access my Windows network returned. I decided to do some research into the issue and found out that many have had this issue. This was the best site that discussed all the possible problems that can cause this and all the possible solutions to get it fixed.

In my case I believe two things were a miss. The first issue is for some reason all the sudden my enabled firewall was blocking Samba, so following the directions on that site, I added exception rules into the firewall to allow Samba. I also followed other instructions involving editing a config file, I also restart Samba, and the network manager. I noticed all the sudden I was able to access the windows network but I couldn't access the server. At this point I decided to check on the server and everything seemed to be ok, but I decided to restart the server anyways.

Restarting both the server and my linux machine afterwords is what finally got me over the last hurdle and I was able to access the server from my linux machine. And as we speak I have Kodi Media Center setup to access all my MP3's and music video's on the server and I am currently listening to MJ while typing this up. Yes, before you ask, it was Kodi throwing up an odd connection error that brought this all to my attention. :lol:


Hope this helps those out there who have had this issue. Since it happened to me twice, I felt it necessary to share some solutions with you.
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