[STICKY] How to recover from Gnome2/Unity appearance!

[STICKY] How to recover from Gnome2/Unity appearance!

Postby Swarfendor437 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:52 am

First, a useful tip - make sure that you add 'Tweak Tool' (gnome-tweak-tool) to your favourites (favorites) so no matter what desktop/panel opens you will see it present:


Having just completed an update to Firefox and the System my Zorin Panel went AWOL - I am in the 'Default' system - I logged out using Ctrl+ Alt+ Del to get the Log Out dialog box opened then went to choose Zorin Desktop using that little cog on the login screen. Still showing the Unity/Gnome2 DE look so time to open the tweak tool and switch on all those extensions of Zorin as in the screenshot above plus any other Gnome Extensions you may have installed. ;) :D

[Please be aware that I don't like the 'Paper' icons of Zorin 12/12.1 - I am using the 'hicolor' theme icons so your icon for gnome-tweak-tool might look different! ;) )

Please also be aware that problems with the Gnome Shell can be caused by adding additional Extensions not shipped with the distro (as mentioned on another Forum I noticed recently) - but I can live with it knowing I can get the desktop what I want back! :D

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