How to install Ubuntu Tweak in Zorin 12.x

How to install Ubuntu Tweak in Zorin 12.x

Postby Swarfendor437 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:40 pm

First follow the instructions on this web page: ... to_install

Then make the following adjustments in Firefox/Chrome/Chromium - I have taken a snapshot of Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57.0) for the purpose of this tutorial:

Workspace 1_021.jpg

Workspace 1_022.jpg

Workspace 1_023.jpg

Now it is installed, open a Terminal (Ctrl+ Alt+ T) and enter:

Code: Select all

Once opened, right-click the icon that appears on the panel and 'add to favo(u)rites' to make it stick.

I have just used Janitor to help clean this rig! ;) :D

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