Character Map and Characters in Zorin 12

Character Map and Characters in Zorin 12

Postby Swarfendor437 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:17 pm

[UPDATED 19:45 GMT - 1 hour]
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For those who do not have Synaptic Package Manager installed, install it from the Software application and then search for:

'gucharmap' and 'mark for installation' and 'Apply'

Happy New Year everyone! I am posting this information as a new user who unfortunately tried to post with an e-mail username and unfortunately I forgot to copy their details so that Team Zorin could contact them - they will need to contact Team Zorin from the main web page.

Workspace 1_040.jpg

Character Map ('gucharmap'):

Character Map_041.jpg

Characters ('gnome-characters') - Punctuation:

Characters - Arrows:

Characters - Bullets:

Characters - Pictures:

Characters - Currencies:

Characters - Math:

Characters - Letters:

Characters - Emoticons:

Please note where you see a full screen there will be more characters out of shot - you need to scroll down with the wheel of your mouse [NOT in respect of the screenshots to be clear!]. ;) :D

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