Adding Startup Sound in Zorin 12.x AFTER Login

Adding Startup Sound in Zorin 12.x AFTER Login

Postby Swarfendor437 » Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:30 pm


1. You may want to add your own particular file to play after you have logged in to Zorin. For me it is this:

(322.65 KiB) Downloaded 138 times

2. After download, extract the file using the system archiver by right-clicking the file and extract it.

3. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select: 'Open Terminal'

Now navigate as follows:

swarfendor437@zorin12164ultimate:~$ cd ..
swarfendor437@zorin12164ultimate:/home$ cd ..
swarfendor437@zorin12164ultimate:/$ cd usr
swarfendor437@zorin12164ultimate:/usr$ cd share
swarfendor437@zorin12164ultimate:/usr/share$ cd sounds
swarfendor437@zorin12164ultimate:/usr/share/sounds$ cd ubuntu

Next you need to take ownership of the next subfolder, 'stereo' -
swarfendor437@zorin12164ultimate:/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu$sudo chown [your username] stereo

You will then be asked for your login password - remember, nothing shows up whilst doing this, no black circles, nada ... so be careful with your digits!

Now you own all the sounds for now in the folder stereo. Using the graphical interface, go to your /home folder, select - 'Other locations', then 'Computer' then 'usr | share | sounds | ubuntu | stereo'. Rename 'desktop-login.ogg' to 'desktop-login1.ogg'.

4. Drag and drop the new sound you have extracted into the stereo folder.

5. Next launch 'Startup Applications' (Menu | System Tools | Startup Applications) - or you could just type 'Startup' in the Menu search bar and it will be the first item returned.

Now click on Add and enter the following information:

Startup program.jpg

Notice that I named this program 'At Login' notice that it is now at the top of the list and so will be the first application to launch - you could call it whatever you like so long as it starts with the first letter of the alphabet - that is how I spotted the issue of it not playing when using another members solution for Mint and Mate. :) :D

Startup Application Preferences.jpg

Reboot your machine, login, and enjoy the music! ;) :D

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