Does Your Lid-Switch Have A Mind Of Its Own? Here's The Fix!

Does Your Lid-Switch Have A Mind Of Its Own? Here's The Fix!

Postby star treker » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:29 pm

OK, so you got yourself a nice 24" monitor or 55" TV, and you plug your notebook into it for the very first time, and as soon as you close your notebook lid, the computer either locks the OS, or goes into suspend. Then, you look up your POWER settings in your settings manager, and you set the lid-switch to ignore. You think you won? No you didn't, cause as soon as you close the lid, you've been suspended from school!

So you go to the innertubes and you Google how to stop the lid-switch from being a total douche, and it tells you to go into Dconf editor and change the power settings in there to ignore the lid-switch. So of course you manipulate those settings like an evil genius to ignore the lid-switch, did you win now? Will the universe finally be in balance? No! because as soon as you put the lid down, you've been suspended again.

This is the moment where you asked yourself, why oh why didn't I take the blue ****! :roll:

I am running XFCE desktop on Zorin OS 12.4 Ultimate addition. There are hidden settings that neither of the managers control. Go into a terminal window and enter "GKSU Nautilus" this will give you root permissions required to make changes. Click on "Other Locations", then go to "COMPUTER". Then navigate to "ETC/SYSTEMD/LOGIND.CONF". Change to these bellow and save the changes.



Now your ready to get back to what you do everyday, try and take over the world. NARF!!! :lol:
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Re: Does Your Lid-Switch Have A Mind Of Its Own? Here's The

Postby Aravisian » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:39 pm

For Zorin 15, Core, Ultimate or XFCE, use
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pkexec <your file manager>
instead of gksu.

And thanks for posting this cure to baldness.
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