[STICKY] Casting to a Panasonic Vierra Smart TV

[STICKY] Casting to a Panasonic Vierra Smart TV

Postby Finston Pickle » Thu Dec 12, 2019 5:38 pm

I have been looking at the issue of DNLA communications from My Zorin 12 laptop to my Panasonic smart TV for some time - without success.

Even before that I had mastered using Plex on my old Zorin 9 laptop and using it to cast content to the previous TV, running a Plex app on a Roku box connected to the TV by HDMI. I could then see films, music, photos (hosted on my laptop) on the TV screen, controlled through the Roku box.

On my latest trawl of the internet on DNLA comms and Panasonic Smart TVs in general I came across the following website:

https://markexpeditions.blogspot.com/20 ... sonic.html

I already had the Plex Media Server installed on my Z 12 laptop - instructions on how to do this are online.

Following this guide, but using my TV name (found in settings) of 58DX750_Series in the Panasonic Vierra 3D TV.xml file rather than the one he used, I followed his instructions to modify the Pex Media Server folder contents - inserting a Profiles folder containing the .xml file.

I clicked on the plex ICON in /usr/share/applications/, which started the Plex Media Server at:

http://localhost:32400/web/index.html#! ... web/player I saved it to my favourites bar for easy reference and made sure I was happy with the selections.

sudo service plexmediaserver start
sudo service plexmediaserver stop
sudo service plexmediaserver restart also work - I think that once started, it keeps running until you power off (not too sure)

I added my TV's network IP address to the "List of IP addresses and networks that are allowed without Auth List" in the Plex software. This setting can be found under the "Network" options in the Settings of the Plex server.

I signed in to my Plex account at https://app.plex.tv:

I saved the page which came up http://app.plex.tv/desktop?secure in my favourites for easy reference and made sure I was happy with the selections.

I loaded content into my photos, movies and music libraries.

Time to try it with my TV.....

Blow me! Panasonic have now developed a Plex app!!!
Time to try the TV plex app : Apps > plex > sign in to your account > e-mail > password.

Open Plex app on Panasonic TV - sign it in > e-mail > password and....

Success!! NOT!!!

I'm leaving all my Plex modifications in place - even if they may not be necessary - but decided to engage brain and take advice.

Decided to read up on things, in particular:


https://support.plex.tv/articles/200878 ... x-account/

and particular:

https://www.howtogeek.com/303282/how-to ... et-access/


https://www.howtogeek.com/254211/how-to ... -with-vlc/

I followed all of their suggestions.

So now I had my Plex media server switched on and securely signed in to my plex web app running locally on my laptop, as well as having logged on to plex.tv in Firefox and also signed in to my plex media server in that remote version of the Plex media server.

In the interim, I had checked my router for uPnP being selected on and with enhanced security (BT Home Hub 5) and defined the network interface in the Plex web app as wlp4s0(plex laptop IP) - what could possibly go wrong!

Well everything did nearly go wrong my Panasonic TV and Roku RarPlex app could log in to my plex TV app at https://app.plex.tv but not connect to my local server on my laptop.

****!! I thought.

I found that many people, online talked of allowing ports on my laptop by working on my router settings - it looked complicated.

Finally, as I found that nautilus could not see my network, I thought that my firewall software ufw and the graphical user interface might somehow be involved. Perhaps my laptop firewall was stopping my TV and Roku from seeing my laptop's server.

I found a reference, which seemed to confirm this hypothesis

https://gist.github.com/nmaggioni/45dcc ... 1a6ad8c9c9

the github entry suggested creating /etc/ufw/applications.d/plexmediaserver

with content of


title=Plex Media Server (Standard)

description=The Plex Media Server



title=Plex Media Server (DLNA)

description=The Plex Media Server (additional DLNA capability only)



title=Plex Media Server (Standard + DLNA)

description=The Plex Media Server (with additional DLNA capability)



Once you have defined your application file tell ufw to reload the application definitions with:
ufw app update plexmediaserver

Use it with:
ufw allow plexmediaserver
ufw allow plexmediaserver-dnla
ufw allow plexmediaserver-all

sudo ufw app list will show you the list of applications that ufw is using (to confirm things).
I tried this and switched gufw on using sudo gufw

Finally both my local and remote versions of the Plex app had external connections - YIPEE

Time to find out if my TV and Roku box could see the server on my laptop...

Well - blow me down - the next time I started up local and remote Plex apps, there was no internet connection.

Slight delay, whilst I looked into this setback. It turns out that unless you want your friends to access your Plex Media Server over the internet, an internet connection is not required.

Looking back on this, I think that ufw “home” stops incoming internet whereas “office” would let incoming internet traffic through.

I left things to cool off for some time and when enthusiasm returned turned the router and all other devices off and then restarted all.

Magically, the next time I tried PLEXRARflix on my Roku box, which is set to “search for servers on start up” Plex finally worked.

I have now to try the Plex app on my TV and also DNLA to see if they are also working.

Afew days later:

I checked out the other Plex features today:

The Plex Panasonic TV app is working fine with the Plex Media Sever on my laptop.

The TV DNLA connection to Plex Media Server is working fine - using my laptop IP and port .32400.

The Browser connection to Plex Media Server is working fine - again using my laptop IP and port .32400.

Now I just need to find some good HD content.

P.S. This Method applies to most smart TVs if you read the links closely.
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Re: [STICKY] Casting to a Panasonic Vierra Smart TV

Postby Aravisian » Thu Dec 12, 2019 6:12 pm

Wow, Finston. Great write up. This is of interest to me as well because I had set up a very large screen tv in the shop/garage that is fitted inside a car body (It replaced the windshield). This creates an arcade or poor mans drive in theater :D
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