[STICKY] Firefox bookmarks & history dont work - fix.

[STICKY] Firefox bookmarks & history dont work - fix.

Postby Uzi » Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:28 am

I have had a problem with my Firefox not allowing me to bookmark new pages & history only showing places I have visited from my bookmarks not new sites.

After some checking Mozilla recommended adding 'Places Maintenance' extension. After running it, the report said the database was corrupted. I didn't want to lose all my bookmarks so I tried 'Clear All History' from the "History' tab. I checked all except 'Cookies' and 'Active Logins'.

It worked and 'Places Maintenance' reports all ok again. Did a fresh back up to Deja Dup so the corrupt backup doesn't get used.

Hope this helps if anyone else gets this issue :D

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