[Video] How to install Zorin OS 7 Core for Dual Boot

[Video] How to install Zorin OS 7 Core for Dual Boot

Postby DanYHKim » Mon Sep 16, 2013 3:55 am

I will be teaching a short "Community Education" class at our local community college. I am calling it "Prepare for the XP-pocalypse" and it features using Zorin-OS as a viable Windows substitute. In order to make detailed information available to the participants, I will try to make relevant video tutorials.

As long as I'm going to the effort, I thought I'd post the link here as well. In this video, I have a virtual computer with Puppy Linux installed. I then boot to a LiveDVD and resize the main partition of the hard drive to make some room for Zorin-OS. I then install Zorin-OS to the machine.

REVISION: Sorry, I pasted the wrong link! This is the correct one.
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