Login Ubuntu (Zorin) from a blank screen (run level 2 & 3)

Login Ubuntu (Zorin) from a blank screen (run level 2 & 3)

Postby Wolfman » Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:22 am


if you are at a blank screen you are most likely at run level 2 or 3, to start Ubuntu to the normal desktop, type your normal user name where the "Login" prompt is, then type your password, another prompt will start and look something like:


Now type the following command:

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(The above command is working on the assumption that you hadn't booted into an "X" (GUI) environment already!.)

then type:

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sudo gdm start

and then enter your root password and the PC will boot into a normal GUI desktop and/or a normal GUI login screen depending on how you set things up as regards to autologin etc!.

If "X" was already running, you don't need to type "startx".

Regards Wolfman :D
Regards Wolfman :D

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