[STICKY] How to remove EasyBCD entry and Zorin partitions

[STICKY] How to remove EasyBCD entry and Zorin partitions

Postby Swarfendor437 » Mon Aug 04, 2014 1:05 pm

OK, attached is a a 7z Word doc (used Kingsoft Office as in Windows at moment) called Manage.

If you have had some issues with dual-booting and you want to get back to Windows only:

1. Boot into Windows, go to Computer, right-click and select 'Manage'

2. Look at the hard drive with C on it - to the right, if you chose the something else at point of install you should have partitions similar to the ones shown in the top picture in the document. Just select each partition to the right of C: and delete each one, then launch Easy BCD and select 'Edit Boot Menu' button on the left - highlight Zorin, then click on Delete above. Remember to Save Settings after you have done this.

3. Reboot and you should only have Windows showing in the bootloader.

4. After rebooting into Windows, before you start expanding the Windows drive to all of the hard drive, run check disk from Prpoerties | Tools (requires a reboot/scheduled scan) and defragment - then after completion, expand the drive using 'Manage' then reboot - if Windows requires a further reboot after you have expanded the drive follow the instructions.

Hope this helps!

(Forgot I was in Firefox posting this - will add file in Opera!) :D

Ok looks like the file is too big - will look at this after the holidays but you should be able to suss it out from the text instructions above? :D

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