to the developers and rest member......need to know.....

to the developers and rest member......need to know.....

Postby kairomatrix » Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:13 pm

HI as i am a linux enthusiast , for curiosity i download and test the las version of ubuntu ......[ as zorin is base on ubuntu - i can have an idea how can be the future zorin OS (]i did test this in live mode) i want to know how this new version run in my relative new latop [ with zorin 5 - 64bit] For my surprise aparently the new version cant run in my latop.... [ strange for me ] and a motive to be worry if in the future i take the desition to install the new version of zorin base in the last ubuntu..... i decided to prove this in my old computer .....desktop [ about 5 year of use ] and again surprised to me , this run in the old desktop!! contrary of usually happens where the latest new distros with new kernel or "desktop version as genome 3] cant run in my old computer....nothing keep an eye in this small detail ...i thinks if a distro is base in a "mother|" base distro been debian , fedora or ubuntu [ this the case of zorin] i imagine can drag the limitation or characteristic of the " mother" base OS. But for me zorin at present can be more pleasant than ubuntu because the interface is more user friendly than the base distro " in my opinion , and the reason for to have this in my latop. But i am a little worry if the new zorin version will not run in my latop anyway. I thinks the developers take note if the next edition of zorin for to maintain the compatibility in the computer using zorin 5 at present in the sense can run too the new version without hardware problems. I wait my suggestion will be usefull in any way. thanks!
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