Choice for /home during installation

Choice for /home during installation

Postby wizaxx » Fri May 31, 2019 10:10 am

I've just managed to move the /home of my account to the second drive (Thanks Swarfendor437) it took me by surprise that an OS that intends to be the de-facto transition from Windows to Linux has such a limitation.

Since I started working with computers I always ensured to have a one drive reserved for data. I honestly thought that was a common precaution, so I was rather surprised when I discovered there is no easy ways to modify the default data storage place.

So my challenge to the Zorin Team is to have a check-point during installation where the user can select the location of the /home.

Besides; congratulation for the very well crafted fork, it was a very fluid transition and I am enjoying it.
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